Green Choice Takeaway Box with window Kraft PLA Small 50/Pack

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Green Choice Small Window Kraft Takeaway Box PLA

Green Choice Range of Kraft Snack Boxes are very popular.

Perfect for both hot and cold food, they are pre-constructed and easy to close and seal.
They are made of card and lined with PLA, a plant-based plastic, and not a petroleum-based plastic. This provides a barrier to oils and sauce and avoids leakage. A clear PLA window allows for viewing of food whilst maintaining the composting credentials of the product. As food contamination is not a problem, the waste container can be sent to a landfill (to eventually breakdown into plant matter) or sent to a commercial composting centre (for conversion into compost).

Only plant-based paper, plastic and inks are used in these products.

Size: 170L x 120W x 45H

Sold in Packs of 50 Pieces

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